Brighton Subdivision and Parks

Client: DREAM Developments
Date: 2015

250 acre subdivision being developed by dream development which is part of Holmwood, Saskatoon’s largest master planned community:

  • Clearing and grubbing of existing vegetation
  • Demolition of existing farmstead
  • 50 acres of existing pond and wetland dewatering
  • 250 acres of topsoil stripping
  • 250 acres of topsoil stripping
  • 1,500,000m3 of earth movement for area grading, including storm water retention pond construction
  • 400,000m3 of earth movement for storm and sanitary trunk line

Park work includes:

  • currently in-process of constructing six parks which feature asphalt trails, play areas, pathway lighting, automated irrigation systems, site furniture, significant planting and landscape maintenance
  • storm water pond park work includes revetment and retaining wall construction/li>