Landscape Development

Wilco is the premier landscape contractor in Western Canada. Our experienced and driven project management personnel, our use of top quality and innovative equipment and construction methods, and our willingness to meet any challenge set us apart from the competition. Wilco’s scope of work in landscape construction covers a wide variety of project types, and our team members have the experience to complete anything to a high standard of quality

Landscape Services

  • Landscaped parks, boulevards, playgrounds
  • Artificial and natural turf sports fields, including fieldhouses, washroom/changeroom facilites
  • Asphalt pathways, concrete plazas, paving stone installation
  • Landscape features; gazebos, trellises, entry features
  • Topsoil and seeding of roadways, hydroseeding services
  • Landscaping of schools, hospitals, commercial buildings
  • Wetland construction, storm ponds, natural areas
  • Tennis courts, bentgrass bowling greens, baseball diamonds, sand beach construction
  • Bioswales, drainage works, infiltration pits
  • Park lighting and electrical work, irrigation
  • Erosion control installation, slope protection, silt fencing, ESC measures and rig mat installation
  • Landscape maintenance
  • Timber/steel boardwalks and lookouts, screw pile or concrete pile installation, pedestrian bridges
  • Retaining walls; modular block, natural stone, or cast in place concrete
  • Sound attenuation walls; Allan Block or custom precast panel walls
  • Topsoil screening and hauling, soil blending
  • Clearing and grubbing, brush and debris chipping, land reclamation
  • Riverbank stabilization, riprap and instream works, revegetation & timber crib walls
  • Ecoblanket installation, bark mulch and topsoil installation with blower truck