Civil Construction

Wilco is one of the most diverse and unique land development contractors in Western Canada, completing a wide variety of projects. Wilco has proven to be an efficient and productive civil constructor, with a large fleet of heavy equipment available, and experienced project managers to handle any challenge.

Civil Services

  • Roadway grading, bridge abutments, culverts
  • Stripping & grading, scraper or rock truck hauling
  • Storm and sanitary deep utility installation, PVC and concrete pipe, large box culverts and ducts
  • MSE walls, lock block walls, sound attenuation walls
  • Outfall construction, control structures and diversion structures, stilling basins and spillways
  • Storm ponds, clay and geosynthetic liners, spillways
  • Riverbank stabilization, riprap and instream works, revegetation & timber crib walls
  • Parking lot construction, asphalt paving, curb and gutter
  • Concrete retaining walls and structures
  • Landfill works, grading, clay liners, contaminated fill management
  • Wildlife fencing, animal overpasses
  • In-house surveying services